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What sets us apart

Spectacular All- Natural Environment on a Secluded Private Island

Whether guests are participating in one of the interactive animal programs or just observing, a visit to our beautiful island alone is worth it. Surrounded by turquoise blue water on all sides and covered with thousands of native coconut trees, lush landscaping and a natural lagoon, Blue Lagoon Island is an extraordinary private island that offers guests a glimpse of an untouched paradise. There is no other facility in the world that offers the same experience. It also provides our marine mammals with an unmatched, all-natural ocean habitat.

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Dolphin Encounters FAQs - Cruise Ship Guests

How do I get from the cruise ship to the island?
You would be required to catch a taxi (automobile and not a water taxi) from the cruise ship pier to the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal for check-in.

IMPORTANT: If you have purchased the Close Dolphin Encounter or the Dolphin Swim directly with your cruise ship (either online or on board the ship), you are asked to meet our representative at the gangway at the time specified on the ticket that will be distributed to you on board the ship. This would allow for a direct transfer from the cruise ship pier to our facility. If you have booked your program directly with Dolphin Encounters Ltd., or a travel or tour agency, you are required to check in at the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal at the time specified for your booking.

*** If you are visiting Dolphin Encounters Ltd. as a part of your cruise vacation, please remember to bring along a towel and cash/credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and AMEX only) for any purchases that you may require while at our facility.

What programs are sold aboard the ship?
The participating cruise ships sell the Encounter program, and some cruise ships also offer the Dolphin Swim program. If the Dolphin Swim is not offered by your cruise line, and you wish to participate in the Swim, you can book directly with us in advance by calling (242) 363-1003 or send a request via e-mail to info@dolphinencounters.com. You may also have an opportunity to upgrade to the Swim program once you are on Blue Lagoon Island.

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