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What sets us apart

The Dolphins are World Famous

Dolphin Encounters is the home of Flipper - three of our animals played the aquatic star in the Paul Hogan and Elijah Wood version produced by Universal Studios. They also starred in the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen film Holiday in The Sun and have been featured on MTV, ESPN, CNN, E!, NBC, CBS, VOX News, NIPPON TV and countless other international television shows, magazines and newspapers. The sea lions are also celebrities and played the title role in the movie Andre and in Slappy and the Stinkers.

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Marriage License Requirements For Dolphin Wedding in Bahamas
Get Married At Dolphin Encounters

Marriage License Requirements

  • Both parties must be in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas at the time of the application
  • Both parties must have resided in the Bahamas for not less than three days prior to the application
  • If either party has been divorced, the original final decree or a court certified copy must be produced
  • If either party is widowed, an original or certified copy of the death certificate of the deceased spouse must be produced
  • If either party is unmarried, a declaration certifying this fact must be sworn before a notary public, and such a declaration must accompany the application for the Marriage License
  • Both parties must produce some form of identification which has a photograph attached. The identification document must have been issued by a government office in the country where both parties reside (preferably a passport or driver's license). A birth certificate must also be produced.
  • Both parties must produce evidence of the date of their arrival in The Bahamas (The Bahamas Immigration Entry Card will suffice).

All rates are subject to change, at any time, to include additional taxes and fees as demanded legally by the Government of The Bahamas.

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