Beach Vacations with Tiny Tots

If a trip to the seaside with the little ones is just what you’re looking for, you probably already know there are several important points to consider to ensure that you and the kids have the time of your lives, among them: health and safety, accessibility and ease of travel, and cost. While it can difficult to guarantee the trip of a lifetime, keeping a few of these tips in mind can reduce stress and assist in planning an enjoyable holiday.

Health and Safety

We know that there isn’t a chance that any holiday could be so relaxing that you’d take a laid-back approach to your kids’ health and safety. When it comes to beach trips, we recommend you pay special attention to your little ones before leaving the family accommodation by making sure they’re drinking plenty of water and double checking their skin’s protection – a sunscreen containing an SPF of at least 30 should keep them covered in all the right ways.

On the beach, finding a location with some shade – or providing your own with a beach umbrella – is as essential as scoping out a calm spot in the water. Paying attention to the weather may help you to be aware of undertows or rough waves. A tip from the experts is to find an enclosed or semi-enclosed body of water to help avoid the risks associated with rough waters. If you’ve set aside a day for the beach, but are hesitant to go due to choppy waves, you might consider taking a trip to Blue Lagoon Island, where the protected lagoon ensures a tranquil experience with plenty of shade.


Air travel can be hard work – throw a screaming infant into the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for flying anxiety. When children under a year are involved, choosing a holiday within driving distance may be a more comfortable option to consider.

If you’ve got tots who are already excited about their first airplane journey, picking a destination that’s accessible within a short (1 to 3 hours) plane journey may be your best option; there are several Bahamian islands, including Paradise Island and New Providence (Nassau), which can be accessed within an hour via direct flight from Miami, Florida.


As soon as your little ones know that sand isn’t for eating, a beach vacation may be just the thing to guarantee fun and fresh air. A major issue that many parents have when selecting a destination is expense. Self-catering accommodations and all-inclusive resorts and day-trips can help cut down on the cost of meals and refreshments and entertainment for the kids.

The Blue Lagoon All-Inclusive Beach Day Package gives visitors the choice of leaving the hustle and bustle behind for a day at the beach. Families are welcome to hop on board the Blue Lagoon ferry for a short 20-minute ride to Blue Lagoon Island. On the shores of a stunning lagoon, they’ll find a playground for smaller children, an aqua park for more adventurous little ones, hammocks for quiet moments and relaxation, and water sports and beach volleyball. The package includes transportation to and from the island, a grilled lunch and use of non-premium water sport facilities and equipment.