Frequently Asked Questions

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Timid or non-swimmers
Worried that your lack of swimming skills will keep you from meeting a dolphin or sea lion? DON’T BE!!! Our Dolphin and Sea Lion Encounter programs take place in shallow water where you will stand on a platform. The animals will swim up and over the platform where you can meet them one-on-one. We want you to feel comfortable and to enjoy the program as well. We welcome all timid and non-swimmers and encourage you to make your dolphin and sea lion dreams come true. Timid or non-swimmers can also participate in our Stingray Encounter which takes place in shallow water or on a submerged platform. The snorkel portion of that program is optional. Although our Shark Encounter takes place on a platform and in shallow water, it is recommended that guests participate only if they are comfortable swimmers.

How large are your boats?
We have a number of different sized catamarans. Most are double-decker and can transport more than 100 passengers comfortably. We also have a smaller single-story catamaran. Each boat has a captain and mate, is equipped with life vests and is fully licensed and inspected. The ride is approximately 30-minutes and you never lose sight of land or venture far out to sea. Sit back, relax and enjoy as we cruise through Nassau’s historic harbour, past Paradise Island and over to Blue Lagoon Island. The boat ride is very picturesque and worth the trip!

How do I get from the cruise ship to the island?
All cruise passengers are required to book their excursion directly through their ship’s Shorex desk. We pick cruise guests up right at the cruise port on one of our ferries and drop you there at the end of your excursion.

IMPORTANT: If you have purchased the Close Dolphin Encounter, Sea Lion Encounter or the Dolphin Swim directly with your cruise ship (either online or on board the ship), you are asked to meet our representative at the gangway at the time specified on the ticket that will be distributed to you on board the ship. This allows for a direct transfer from the cruise ship pier to our facility.

*** If you are visiting Dolphin Encounters Ltd. as a part of your cruise vacation, please remember to bring along a towel and cash/credit cards (Visa or MasterCard only. Blue Lagoon Island does NOT accept American Express) for any purchases that you may require while at our facility. As an independent operator, we do not accept cruise or hotel cards.

What programs are sold aboard the ship?
Most cruise lines visiting Nassau offer guests a number of our programs. Please check with your ship to see what is available.

Cancellation Policy

Do you operate in bad weather?
We operate 365 days a year, rain or shine. Dolphin Encounters Ltd. will NOT refund for inclement weather unless we cancel the excursion. In such an event, we will contact you as soon as possible. If there is extreme weather in the area, we suggest that you call reservations (242-363-1003) regarding the status of your boat departure.

What is your cancellation policy?
Due to limited space availability, Dolphin Encounters Ltd does not allow cancellations or rescheduling less than 24-hours before program time (longer for groups). In the event of no-show or cancellation within 24-hours, no refunds will be made.

General Information

Is it true that several of your dolphins starred in Universal Studios’ movie “Flipper”?
Yes, three of our dolphins were featured in the movie that starred Elijah Wood and Paul Hogan..

Are you affiliated with any hotels?
No. Dolphin Encounters Ltd. is a private, family-owned and operated company and has no affiliation with any of the hotels. You may find this webpage useful in finding a Hotel: Nassau Paradise Island, Bahamas Where to Stay

What is the water temperature?
Water temperatures range from 72° F (22° C) in the winter to 85° F (30° C) in the summer.

What is the average temperature in Nassau?
Mean daily temperatures (in Fahrenheit) are as follows:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
69.9° 70.0° 72.0° 74.2° 77.5° 80.4° 82.3° 82.2° 81.1° 78.7° 74.9° 71.4°

Is the Bahamas independent and what language is spoken?
The Bahamas became independent in 1973 and is a member of the British Commonwealth. English is the official language.

Is smoking permitted on Blue Lagoon Island?
Smoking is permitted in designated areas on the beach side of the island only. This is for the safety and comfort of our guests, staff and animals.

Can I smoke on the boat?
Smoking is NOT permitted on any of Blue Lagoon Island’s ferries.

Can I bring a metal detector to use on the beach?
Metal detectors are not allowed on Blue Lagoon Island.

Location and Facilities

Where is Blue Lagoon Island located?
Blue Lagoon Island is located 2 miles northeast of Paradise Island and Nassau. Blue Lagoon Island is approximately 2.5 miles long and features a gorgeous natural lagoon near the eastern end where our facility is located. The beach scenes in the movie “Splash” were filmed on Blue Lagoon.

Are Blue Lagoon and Salt Cay the same island?
Yes. Blue Lagoon Island’s official name is actually Salt Cay.

Are there lockers, changing areas and showers on the island?
Yes. We offer lockers free of charge to all of our guests while they participate in an animal interaction. There are lockers for rent at the beach. We also have indoor and outdoor showers.

Is food and beverages available on the island?
Yes. We have two shops on the island which sell snacks, and drinks. On the beach lagoon side we have the Shifting Tides restaurant as well as private area buffets set up for certain groups. We also have a number of full service bars available for drink purchases.

Do you sell souvenirs?
Yes, we have two well-stocked gift shops which sell Blue Lagoon Island logo apparel, T-shirts, books, jewelry, toys, towels, etc.

Can I take My Own Photos During an Animal Program?
For the safety of our animals, guests and trainers, we do not allow guests to take any sort of camera, phone or other recording device into the water during an encounter or swim. We do have a team of photographers on hand to capture these special moments and following your program you are invited to visit the Photo and Video Lab to purchase the photos and videos you’d like to have emailed to you.

Do you sell photos and videos?
Our onsite state-of-the-art photo & video lab is where you can view all the photos and videos taken of your special animal encounter or swim and decide which of them you would like to purchase. Photos and videos are emailed within 24 hours of purchase so you can download, print and share as you’d like. If you don’t have a chance to purchase photos while on the island, please visit to view and purchase them online.

Do you refund the program if photos are not available?

Blue Lagoon Island (Dolphin Encounters, Ltd) makes every effort to capture the photos and video of your animal interactions. The photos are a separate charge and are not a part of the interaction itself. In the event your program images are not available due to technical issues regardless of cause, Blue Lagoon Island (Dolphin Encounters, Ltd) will not refund any part of the price of the interaction.

What’s the difference between the “Dolphin Encounter” and “Dolphin Swim” programs?

In the “Swim,” you are completely immersed in water with life jackets (for easier interactions with the dolphins), while in the “Encounter” you interact with dolphins from a special waist-deep platform. The “Dolphin Swim” has additional behaviors and more interaction time than the “Encounter” but both programs bring you face-to-face with dolphins in a fun, educational interaction. Guests of all ages can participate in the Encounter, but the minimum age to participate in the Dolphin Swim is 6.

Will there be other people in our program?
The maximum allowed in each “Dolphin Swim” and “Sea Lion Encounter” is ten persons and the maximum for the “Dolphin Encounter” is 30 persons although only ten people at a time are in the water interacting with the dolphins.

How deep is the water in the “Dolphin Swim” program? Do you provide wet suits and life vests when it is cold?
The water is 10-25 feet deep in the “Dolphin Swim” program. Wet suits (short type) are available at no cost, while life vests are mandatory in the swim program to help participants interact more freely and safely with the dolphins by eliminating the need to tread water. Life vests are optional for adults and mandatory for children participating in the Dolphin Encounter program.

Can paid participants bring friends or relatives to watch their dolphin programs?
Anybody can observe our programs by paying the observer fee, which includes round-trip boat transportation to and from Blue Lagoon Island. Guests participating in our Beach Day, VIP Adults Only Beach Day, Segway Adventure and Eco Walking Tour are also welcome to visit our marine park and watch while friends or family participate in the animal programs.

Do you accept physically challenged or handicapped persons in your programs?
Absolutely. Blue Lagoon Island caters to the physically challenged. When making a reservation, it is important to let our representative know where you may need assistance. After our representative speaks with management, a decision will be made as to how to proceed. The dolphins are trained to interact with each person regardless of his or her size, shape, gender, or abilities. Foldable wheelchairs can used on our boats and the island is wheelchair accessible. Motorized wheelchairs are not suited for our boats and our staff are not able to lift them for safety reasons. Please note that our Shark Encounter and Stingray Encounter habitat does require guests to have the ability to walk up and down a flight of uneven stairs.

What are the age requirements?

Dolphin Swim
Guests age 5 or younger are not allowed in this program. Guests ages 6 to 12 must be accompanied (in the water) by a participating paying adult (parent or guardian must be at least 18 years of age).Guests age 13 to 17 must be accompanied by an adult (Observer ticket is accepted) who needs to sign the liability waiver.

Dolphin Encounter
Guests age 3 or younger receive free admission if accompanied in the program by a participating paying adult (parent or guardian at least 18 years of age).Guests ages 4 to 12 pay normal price and must be accompanied (in the water) by a participating paying adult.

Sea Lion Encounter
Guests 8 years of age or 48 inches tall may participate in the program. Guests 8 – 12 must be accompanied by a responsible, paying adult (parent or guardian of at least 18 years of age), with a ticket for the Sea Lion Encounter. Guests age 13 to 17 must be accompanied by an adult (with any paid ticket) to sign the liability waiver.

Can I participate in the programs if I am pregnant?
You can participate in the Dolphin Encounter, but not in the Swim or Sea Lion Encounter.

Do I need to be a swimmer?
You do not need to be a swimmer to participate and enjoy the Dolphin or Sea Lion Encounter program – we make sure that you may also realize your dream of meeting and interacting safely with our dolphins. You will be wearing a life-vest in the Swim Program. However, we strongly recommend that you have at least basic swimming skills for the Swim Program.

How many people are allowed on the platform?
A maximum of 30 people are allowed on the Dolphin Encounter platform but only ten people at a time will be in the water interacting with the dolphins during the program, and a maximum of 10 people are allowed on the Dolphin Swim or Sea Lion Encounter platform and in the water with the animals.

Reservations & Payments

How far in advance should I make my reservation?
For the “Dolphin Swim” program, you should inquire about reservations 3-6 months in advance. Our schedule is released in 6 month intervals about 3 months in advance. For example, reservations for January through June 2020 will be open for booking by September 2019. Please remember that the “Dolphin Swim” and “Sea Lion Encounter” program can be sold out weeks in advance, especially around U.S. holidays or during busy Spring and Summer seasons. The “Dolphin Encounter” program can be booked upon arrival in Nassau, but for short visits to Nassau we do recommend advanced reservations. It sells out an average of 1-3 days in advance.

Is there a waiting list when sold out?
We do not provide waiting lists or take “stand by” guests, even though interested persons can wait at the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal for last minute cancellations or no shows.

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept both US and Bahamian cash as well as certain credit and debit cards – Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. The Bahamian dollar B$ is on par with the US $ and both are accepted in The Bahamas. Due to limited availability, pre-payment is required for the “Dolphin Swim” program. After booking, this can be done with a credit card through our payment agent, Treasure Cay Services, Inc. on (800) 327-1584, (800) 327-1584 FREE or (954) 525-7711, (954) 525-7711.

Do you accept hotel charge/rooms cards?
No, Dolphin Encounters Ltd. is a separate private company and does not accept hotel or cruise ship charge cards.

How many people do you consider a group and who do we contact?
Any combination of 10 “Swims” and/or 15 “Encounters” is considered a group. You should contact our Sales & Marketing department if you have a group.

Can I book a private platform?
Yes. We offer private platforms. The cost of the private Swim platform is $1,650. To book a private Encounter platform please contact the Sales & Marketing Department for price and availability

Check-In and Departures

Where and when should I check-in?
You must check-in at the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal. It is the only building between the two bridges on Paradise Island. We recommend that you arrive 30-minutes before your boat departure time. This gives you enough time to check-in at the Welcome Center and get your wristband.

What times do the boats depart?
The schedule changes from day to day, so please be sure to check your confirmation information. If we have to make a change on our end, we will reach out via telephone and email.

Can I walk from Atlantis to the ticket booth?
Yes. The Paradise Island Ferry Terminal is located directly across the street from Atlantis by the Marina Village and Marina. Our Welcome Center is located closer to most of the lobbies than some of the hotel’s own attractions. We are only a five minute walk from the Coral, Beach and Royal Towers lobbies.

How big are your boats? Are they safe? Are they wheelchair accessible?
We operate a fleet of ferries. We have large double-decker, high-speed catamarans that are made to hold more than 100 people each. We also have some single deck ferries that are rated for a smaller number of guests.  Due to enhanced safety and COVID-19 protocols, we restrict the number of guests on each ferry. Each boat has life vests and is overseen by a licensed captain and mate, a dedicated lifeguard and a guest services representative.  They are very safe and are wheelchair accessible for collapsible wheelchairs on a case-by-basis.


How long is the boat ride?
The boat ride to Blue Lagoon Island from the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal is approximately 25-minutes. Land is always in sight as the ferry passes around Paradise Island and surrounding cays on the way to Blue Lagoon Island. 

Is the boat ride to Blue Lagoon included in the price?

How big are your boats?
Our custom-built catamarans range from 53ft. to 70ft. They are registered with the Government of The Bahamas and inspected on a regular basis.

Are there life jackets and restrooms on the boats?

Do you provide a shuttle service from the hotels and is it included in the price?
Upon request, we can arrange for a privately owned bus service to pick you up at your hotel. The pick-up time for all Cable Beach hotel guests is one hour prior to boat departure. For Paradise Island, it is 15-minutes prior to your boat departure.

Boat Safety Training & Certifications

What is “Man Overboard Training” and how often are boat captains and mates certified?
“Man Overboard Training” is a crucial safety protocol that all Blue Lagoon Island boat captains and mates undergo upon their hiring with the Company and are annually re-certified.

“Man Overboard Training” is designed to help crew members respond to unforeseen situations if someone has fallen overboard.

What is the “Abandon Ship” Protocol
The “Abandon Ship” protocol covers the procedures for abandoning the entire vessel in case of a significant emergency.
All boat captains must complete the “Abandon Ship” protocol on
hire and are annually re-certified.

Is the staff at Blue Lagoon Island certified in “Man Overboard Training”?
Yes. Although only captains and mates are required to be certified, all staff members, even those that are not on the water, are certified in “Man Overboard Training”.

Does a reputable agency conduct “Man Overboard Training” and when was the last training done?
The Royal Bahamas Defence Force (an equivalent agency to the United States Navy) conducted “Man Overboard Training” for all the Blue Lagoon Island staff in September 2023. Blue Lagoon Island staff are also trained by the globally recognized company Ship Mate Ltd., a Bahamas-based world-class maritime consulting, training, and crew management company.
The most recent training, Ship Mate Maritime Training, that includes Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, Crisis Management, and Boat Safety and Emergency Procedures, was conducted by Ship Mate in early December 2023.

What topics are covered in the “Man Overboard Training”?
The course covers responses to boating emergencies, proper life vest usage, rescue and preservation of life in the water, and fire training. It includes practical simulations, emphasizing teamwork, effective communication under stress, and readiness for various maritime emergencies.

Are all employees, even those not directly involved in water activities, properly trained?
We provide training of all of our staff, including those who are not on the water or on vessels, to ensure a broad range of skills and additional hands in the event of an emergency.

Are lifeguards at Blue Lagoon Island certified, and what certification do they hold?
Yes, our lifeguards are rigorously trained and certified by StarGuard ELITE Lifeguard Certification, an international leader in water safety. In addition, the entire boating and guest services teams are StarGuard ELITE-certified for water rescue, as well as Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), thereby exceeding industry standards.

Is there any other training that Blue Lagoon Island staff have undertaken to keep guests safe, and to properly respond in case of an emergency?
Yes. The Company provides ongoing training, on a regular basis, regarding Boat Safety and Emergency Procedures, Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, and Crisis Management.

What are the key components of Personal Safety and Social Responsibility training?
All of our staff undergo Personal Safety and Social Responsibility Training. This includes vessel familiarization, conducting safety briefings before departure from the dock, visual checks before commencing onboard shifts, hazard identification and counteracting hazards, proper use of vessel personal protective equipment (PPE), and the immediate reporting of any concerns (“If you see something, say something!”).


What are the key components of Crisis Management Training?
All of our staff are trained in Crisis Management Training, which covers effective onboard communication, immediate actions during emergencies, leadership in emergencies, stress management including keeping guests calm, and focused decision-making. This ensures staff can confidently lead and direct guests to safety while remaining calm in high-stress situations.

What are the key components of Boat Safety and Emergency Procedures training?
Boat Safety and Emergency Procedures addresses Vessel Safety Briefings, Vessel Standards, Crisis Management, Crowd Control, Personal Safety Measures, and Drills. The training includes emergency preparation, mustering procedures, staff awareness and adherence to pre-planned emergency procedures, awareness of available emergency resources, and the development of a safety-focused culture.

What To Bring

What should I bring to the island?
You should bring a towel, sunscreen, change of clothing, jacket or windbreaker for the boat ride (during the winter time) and cash/credit card for souvenirs and food and beverages. Also, please be sure to have at least one face mask per guest as it is required at all times except when you are on the beach or participating in an animal program. Please bring all necessary medications with you.


Please note that Blue Lagoon Island will not be held responsible for any lost or misplaced personal effects.