Blue Lagoon Island Stars As Exclusive Location for Beyonce’s Ad

Dolphin Encounters beautiful home, Blue Lagoon Island, served as the exclusive location for all scenes featured in the 2013 H&M video featuring Beyonce’s new single Standing on the Sun. The video serves as an unveiling of the new song which is part of her soon to be released album. Beyonce is currently touring on her “Mrs. Carter Show” world tour.

The stunning piece which features Beyonce’s 2013 H&M Summer Collection, is directed by Jonas Åkerlund who showcased four separate locations on Blue Lagoon, each representing a different element: earth, wind, fire and water.  Our famous and idyllic lagoon beach was the backdrop for the fire scenes, the coconut palm-lined beach on the northern end of the island was used for the earth scenes, a helipad that sits high above the ocean with spectacular unobstructed 360 degree views of the ocean was the dramatic backdropfor the wind segment, and a small pocket beach with majestic ocean views on the north side of the island was the site of the water scenes for the video.

Blue Lagoon Island has many diverse landscapes and locations that offer spectacular scenes for film and photography. Enjoy the videos – one is the official ad from H&M, the other is the Behind the Scenes footage. We are very proud that this video was filmed in The Bahamas and even more so that our beautiful Blue Lagoon Island was the location!

If you’d like to walk in Beyonce’s footprints, visit Dolphin Encounters on Blue Lagoon Island.  You can relax on a sunny beach or in a shady hammock, play in our crystal clear lagoon, swim with our dolphins and encounter friendly sea lions.  We hope to see you soon!