Blue Lagoon Teams up With Hot 91.7 to Bring in the First Day of Summer

June 21 was the first day of summer, and what a day it was – particularly for the beach goers at Blue Lagoon Island. Welcoming the hotter months, Blue Lagoon Island teamed up with Hot 91.7 to stage a scorching beach party at the lagoon – an event so fun even the sun came out to play, in spite of the usual rainy June weather.

The day featured a party in the sand with some of Hot 91.7’s most popular DJs and personalities offering a trendy mix of old and new chart toppers. It was the perfect background music for many of the day’s events, which included beach volleyball, soccer, a beach body contest and the challenging Beach Olympics. Those more inclined to relax at the seaside could leave their headphones at home and grab an unsinkable mat – the air was already filled with entertainment.

Randy C., radio personality at Hot 91.7, was pleased with the turnout.

“It’s going really, really, really well,” he said on the day. “There’s a couple of games that have already happened between the volleyball and the soccer, so those are going excellent. We had full persons on each team, which is also good. It’s been pretty solid. We’ve got a nice booth setup. We’ve got DJs playing, and of course they’re making sure the music stays pumped and on point.”

Tickets for the event were sold by Hot and included lunch and access to the inflatable land and aqua parks, in addition to use of the beach, lagoon, hammocks and Big Boss floating gear.

A family-friendly event, locals saw the event as an opportunity to break away from the standard scene.

“Blue Lagoon Island is an awesome venue – an awesome family venue. If you want to kick over and just relax, it’s that kind of venue. It’s an ‘everything venue’. From the inland inflatable water park to the beach water park to the hammocks to the dolphins to the sea lions, it’s an awesome spot to get off of Nassau, if you want to experience something different,” said Randy C.

The island and beach party also got rave reviews from visitors, who appreciated the chance to meet locals over some of the friendly sporting events. Tommy Solberg and Mia Haggerty came to The Bahamas as part of a church group volunteering at the All Saints Camp. A long way from Chicago, the two volunteers had their fair share of new experiences in the country. Celebrating their team’s hard work, the volunteers hit the beach at Blue Lagoon on their last day in the country. “It’s awesome. It’s really fun,” said Solman, who mentioned the group had collaborated with Hot’s DJs to play a personal mix CD over the loud speakers.

With a few months of summer heat to go, the Blue Lagoon Island team looks forward to welcoming future visitors – including summer camp attendees – and showing them the good time to be had on the shores of the lagoon.