Sleek new website makes a Dolphin Encounter experience that much easier to book

Dolphin Encounters has good news for professionals who are always on the go, and it involves their most faithful assistant – the smart phone.

They’re not referring to putting a reminder in your mobile calendar to take the day off; they can do you one better than that.

Launching its new mobile-friendly site, Dolphin Encounters is giving you the chance to book your next Dolphin Encounters experience while on the go.

The sleek web presence is specially designed for phone, tablet and ‘phablet’ use, so those who are traveling light can discover what Dolphin Encounters has in store with fewer clicks. It also means browsers get the same important information in a concise format, to fit in with their day-to-day activities.

Known for its online presence, Dolphin Encounters has long been keeping fans up to date and encouraging their feedback through its Facebook page. There, the Dolphin Encounters family can get a peek at daily goings on in paradise, even while on lunch at the office.

This social media presence is enhanced by a blog that provides an in-depth look at the range of experiences, treats and updates going on at Dolphin Encounters. Readers have the option of learning about everything from husbandry practices and qualifications to artistry and thesights to see from the decks of a catamaran, cruising to and from Blue Lagoon Island.

The site will serve as a central link between Dolphin Encounters’ many social media outlets, which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the Dolphin Encounters blog. Now, from a smartphone or other compact device, website browsers can find out everything they need to know about the unique Dolphin Encounters and Blue Lagoon Island experiences while on the move. Booking your next vacation – or staycation – has never been easier.

To experience the freshly designed website firsthand, visit from your smartphone today.