Something New at Blue Lagoon!

Blue Lagoon Island and Dolphin Encounters are pleased to announce the island’s newest attraction – guided Segway tours. With dolphins, sea lions, a stunning lagoon and an Aquaventure park, there’s plenty visitors can do afoot and afloat at Blue Lagoon Island. It may therefore come as a surprise to know that the island, originally known as Salt Cay, packs as much history as it does greenery on its two-mile length.

The adventure begins under the shade of coconut trees at the lagoon beach, where knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides greet future Segway connoisseurs. After the introduction, each rider goes through a brief Segway safety training course and is fitted for a helmet and optional knee and elbow pads. Before setting off, a complimentary bottle of water and Segway backpack are offered for comfort throughout the hour-long tour.


The journey begins heading northwest toward the shoreline. At the bridge, riders will learn about the ‘perfect storm’ that literally cut the island in half years ago. They’ll find out about the vitality of shoreline conservation, and if they’re lucky, a shark or stingray may swim up to the entrance of the lagoon to say hello.

Rolling into a shady wooded area, the conversation turns to trees. Guides introduce guests to some of the local foliage, pointing out greenery that can harm and that which heals. While in the area, the group takes a peek at the island Custom House – a small shelter that, for decades, served as the island’s main entrance. There, they are given a glance at history, as they learn about the island’s historic ownership and its transition from the hands of the British Crown through several prominent families, including the McCutcheon clan. From the Custom House, guests can walk down the concrete steps to the water’s edge. They will learn about the island’s former drawbridge that facilitated in bringing in supplies and visitors arriving via dinghy – as the yacht was naturally too large to navigate such shallow waters!


A short journey eastward will bring guests to the island’s lookout tower – a hard-to-miss structure guarding the entrance to the lagoon. They’ll hear about its history and second chance at life, after being destroyed in a storm over a century ago. Its dedication ceremony – one thrown by McCutcheon – is sure to draw a few laughs. And the view from the top of the tower, which guests can climb, will certainly draw a few breaths.

As they cross the bridge on their return, guests will be invited to make one last stop – a visit to the north side of the island – where stunning views of the Bahamian sea give a lasting impression to seal memories.

Blue Lagoon Island Segway tours can accommodate groups of up to eight guests. Weather permitting, they set out four times a day, seven days a week. Riders must be at least twelve years old and 100 lbs to participate, and parents or guardians will have to accompany young children.

Segway tours can be booked in advance online or via phone. U.S. and Canadian visitors can call 866-918-9932 toll free for reservations. Locals can contact the Blue Lagoon Island office at 242-363-1003. For information on packages combining the Segway tour with other Blue Lagoon Island and Dolphin Encounters experiences, contact the Blue Lagoon Island team.