Blue Lagoon Island WeatherSTEM Station Provides Data and Forecasts For Immediate Area

Blue Lagoon Island became the first Caribbean destination to invest in a WeatherSTEM weather station providing island-specific, real-time weather information area for the island’s management and guests.

Keeping close tabs on weather that will impact the private island tourist attraction situated a few miles northeast of New Providence is critical for keeping guests, staff and animals safe.

“Weather plays a major role in our day to day and even hour to hour operations,” explained Blue Lagoon Island President Robert Meister, adding “Our new WeatherSTEM system means we have access to not only the weather forecasts and alerts issued for Nassau and the northwestern Bahamas, but for our island and the area immediately surrounding it.”

Tracks Key Weather Data

The Blue Lagoon Island WeatherSTEM station collects comprehensive data including current temperature, water temperature, wind speed and direction from various sensor points on the island, humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall amounts and rate, and UV Radiation. The system also provides a ten-day forecast with hourly projections for the island.

The data dashboard, which is available in desktop and mobile formats, is updated every 8/10 of a second automatically and reports how close a lightning strike is to the island at any given time.

The island-specific weather reporting and alert system allows Blue Lagoon Island’s operations team to quickly respond and evacuate the water in the event there is approaching lightning or take down umbrellas if the wind at the island reaches a certain speed. Knowing the exact temperature on Blue Lagoon Island as well as the ‘feels like temperature’ heat index reading at any given time also helps the management team know when it is necessary to remind staff and guests to remain hydrated.

Live Streaming Cameras Record Timelapse Videos

The system includes two high resolution cameras – one pointed towards Nassau, and the other towards Rose Island – that provide live stream imaging and also create stunning daily 24-hour time lapse videos using photographs captured every minute.

Already, US-based The Weather Channel has been featuring some of the images and data coming out of the Blue Lagoon Island weather station.

Extends WeatherSTEM Network Into The Caribbean

WeatherSTEM CEO and Founder Ed Mansouri is excited to extend the network with its second international installation.

“We could not have chosen a more idyllic location for our first WeatherSTEM installation in The Bahamas. Our 100 percent solar-powered cellular WeatherSTEM unit at Blue Lagoon Island has two streaming weather cameras and features moment by moment weather updates,” he said.

“The staff at Blue Lagoon Island went out of their way to make what would have otherwise been a complicated installation easy and fun. We are excited to offer visitors to this private island destination a hyperlocal source of real-time weather information and the ability to enjoy spectacular real time views of the island long after their vacation ends via their mobile phone or computer.”

Data is Accessible To The Public

The weather data is publicly accessible at and is a useful tool for Bahamian recreational boaters, eastern New Providence residents and other tour operators.

WeatherSTEM Scholar is a comprehensive weather education platform suitable for all ages to provide a better understanding of weather, terminology and also data literacy. The education platform is free to all Bahamians through