Former Blue Lagoon Island Intern Writes Educational Book

We here at Blue Lagoon Island are always excited to have the opportunity play a role in developing a young person’s love for the marine environment.

In fact, education is at the core of our company’s mission:

Our Mission is to inspire and engage our guests to learn more about marine animals and to preserve and protect our extraordinary ocean environment through educational, sustainable, interactive, authentic Bahamian experiences.

We weave education into all of our fun annual and adventure programs. Whether you and the family take part in our fun Dolphin Encounter, get in the water in our Dolphin Swim, meet up with our funny Sea Lions, glide along with our graceful Stingrays or brave an in water encounter with our gentle Nurse Sharks, you will learn a lot about these majestic animals and the role you play in protecting their marine habitat.

Blue Lagoon Island also has an incredible internship program. This unique opportunity gives students interested in pursuing a career in one of the many fields related to our business some valuable first-hand knowledge and access.

One of our Bahamian high school interns, Eliana Zlicha is now doing her own part to educate others. She wrote a book to help young children understand the critical importance of protecting our coral reefs.

She just graduated from the Windsor School and is headed to Hofstra University in Long Island, New York where she plans to pursue a degree in Biology, specializing in either marine or ecology.

Ellie interned at Blue Lagoon Island and last summer came back to visit and work alongside the Zoological team again for a few days.

“I really enjoyed working so closely with the animals, learning how to make diets, and understanding how the animals are trained. I did an even mix of stingrays, dolphins and sea lions, and on my “visit” the shark encounter was officially opening so I got to experience that as well. It was definitely a one of a kind experience!

The Blue Lagoon Island student internship is open to students ages 16 and older. Students can book internships for 5 days or as long as one month. They will learn about animal training, veterinary care, natural history and marine conservation.

During the course of the program, interns will get to assist animal trainers and educators in daily animal care, guest services and education programs. They will also participate in animal training sessions and get to conduct touch tank sessions.

More information on the program including the application form can be found here.