Special-needs-Icons Special Needs

We encourage all guests with special needs that are either physically and/or mentally challenged to participate in our programs. It is our pleasure to work with family members to accommodate special needs guests and to make their interactive program with our dolphins a memorable and meaningful experience. It is important to let us know of any special needs guests at the time you make your reservation so we can make all necessary arrangements.

Our on-site facilities include wheel-chair access to the Encounter Program and most areas on the island.

For those guests that need wheel-chair assistance in the water, Dolphin Encounters will provide a comfortable in-water wheel chair for use in the Dolphin Encounter.

Each of our encounter dolphins have been trained to participate with a special needs guest in our sea wheel-chair to make the program incredibly memorable.

Rules & Restrictions

Special needs guests must know the following when making a reservation:

  • Dolphin Encounters staff will provide assistance for embarking on all tenders and accessing guest areas on the island.
  • For boating purposes, motorized power chairs and non-collapsible wheelchairs are not generally allowed on our boats. (There are exceptions.)
  • Animal training staff will be able to provide limited assistance in the program because each trainer is responsible for his own dolphin during the program. Thus, reservations must be made for the participant and enough paid family members to assist that person in and out of the water and to assist in fulfilling the directions of the trainers in the interactive behaviors.
  • Special needs guests with tickets for the Encounter Program will generally begin their program upon arrival to provide additional time for entering and exiting the water in the Dolphin Encounter. Behaviors selected in the program may be modified to meet the needs of the guest.
  • Special needs guests in the swim should be prepared to go up and down ladders to access platforms
  • Additional family members that want to watch the activities may purchase observer tickets but will not be allowed on the platforms to assist or take photographs.
  • Our staff will determine which program will best suit each special needs guest’s abilities

When making your reservation, please let us know if you have a guest with special needs in your party. If you would like to ask more detailed questions regarding our facilities or questions regarding which program is best for you, or your family, please call 242-363-1003 or contact us with your inquiries.