Kid’s Grades 3 - College
Groups 10 - 30
Blue Lagoon Island
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
8 Hours

Field Trip Documents

Students Thrive on the Journey of an Ocean Odyssey!

The Ocean Odyssey Camp is a journey of discovery through our vast and mysterious oceans.  Across three activity sessions, kids will investigate the diverse life found in marine eco-systems of The Bahamas.  Your teacher selects the topics and we map out an incredible day of science-based inquiry.

How do dolphins use their echolocation?  Are sharks and rays really dangerous? How are animals of the deep adapted to live in such extreme conditions?  Underlying all these topics is marine conservation – ways we need to protect these animals and ocean places.

As a custom-designed program, teachers can also select from:

  • Pre-Camp Study Materials
  • Snorkeling
  • Mangrove Habitat Field Trip
  • Beach Clean-Up

Need to go more in depth? No problem!  Each topic can be developed for a full day of activities and a multi-day camp scheduled for your class.

Program Description

Each Sea Camp Program includes:

  • Round-trip boat transportation
  • Dolphin Orientation
  • Shallow-water Dolphin Encounter
  • Marine Activity Sessions (2)
  • Choice of Marine Topics: Coral Reefs, Intertidal Zone, Marine Mammals, Mangrove Habitat, The Deep, Animal Training & Marine Conservation
  • Facility Tour
  • Healthy Snack & Lunch
  • Student Kit: Backpack, Activity Book & Animal Photo
  • Teacher Kit: Classroom Activities, DVD & Quizzes, Animal Photo, Recycle Tote & Water Bottle
  • Chaperone Gift
  • FREE 8×10 Class Photo for completed Green Action!

Program Pricing Information

  • Private Schools & Groups – $54 per child
  • Public Schools – $38 per child
  • Minimum Age: children Grade 3
  • Required FREE Chaperones – 1 adult per 10 children
  • Additional Chaperones – $6 per adult
  • VAT included in all ticket prices
  • Option Additional Chaperone Lunches $7 per adult
  • Option Chaperones to participate in encounter – $27 per adult
  • FREE 8×10 Class Photo for completed Green Actions!
  • Option Pre-camp study materials for the selected topics
  • Option Snorkeling, Mangrove Habitat Field Trip or Beach Clean-up

Education rates are only available by advance reservation and apply to school or organization groups of students. All reservations require 100% pre-payment and tickets are non-refundable.

Special program rates for public schools or scholarships are only available to qualifying organizations.

Programs, dates, fees and discounts are subject to change and/or cancellation.